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- city with the past.Hostinné

Approximately half- way from Trutnova to Vrchlabí is one of the oldest cities Mountains - Hostinné. It is situated at an altitude of 351 m town was founded during the colonization of the region during the reign of King Ottokar II. The first mention of Hostinný dates from 1270.


Important historical buildings in Hostinné

Renaissance to the Baroque town hall and clock tower end was built on the basis of two Gothic houses. Town Hall Tower was built r 1525th. The facade of the tower is decorated with sgraffito designed by C. Valmadiho. At the corners of the tower are two monumental statues of giants high 4.80 m each of the giants holds in one hand and a shield in Duhem sword. To this day, they come down the old story .

Marian column in the middle of the square was built in 1678 Countess Sibylla Lamboy. The column is decorated with figures of six saints, statues of the Virgin Mary and St. lying in an alcove. Rosalia, protecting the city from the plague. Upstairs are gilded coat of Lamboy.

Holy Trinity Church is the oldest architectural monument of the city. It dates from 1270 and was adjacent 53 m high tower. His most conversions date back to 1525 when the current got a late Gothic style and the years 1572-1610, which was built in the Renaissance style, and C. Valmadim. In a side chapel of the church are preserved tombstones Wallenstein family.

Františkánský klášter Franciscan monastery with a baroque church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary was founded noble family Lamboy. The convent was built by architect W. Dienzenhofer in 1678 - 84. The original cemetery church from 1598 was rebuilt in Baroque style in 1743 - 45. Thus a two-nave church, which is a kind of unique rarity.

 Gallery of Ancient Art is a permanent exhibition of a unique collection of casts of classical sculpture and statues of the period since the seventh century BC, located since 1969 in the Franciscan monastery. It is open from May to October except Mondays.

Olivet Chapel is a baroque building from 1777 with rich décor of polychrome sandstone sculptures. Located in the park against hospice.

Monument to Emperor Joseph II.Built in 1906 as a tribute to his significant reform and a reminder of his three visits to Hostinné. Located on the plaza in front of the public high school. 

Tips for trips

KRNAP  The Giant Mountains - The Giant Mountains national park

 The Giant Mountains are the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic with the highest mountain Sněžka (1603 m). The Giant Mountains have the most severe climate of all our mountain ranges. The top parts lying over the border of 1400 m have the climate comparable to the seacoast of Greenland. Average year maximum of snow layer reaches 2 metres here. The important centres of summer and winter touristry are Špindlerův Mlýn and Pec pod Sněžkou, located 33 km and 27 km from Hostinné. Janské Lázně with the cableway to Černá Hora are located 20 km from Hostinné. The nearest ski resort Černý Důl is located only 12 km.


ZOO Dvůr Králové nad Labem  Dvůr Králové nad Labem- Zoological garden

  Dvůr Králové nad Labem used to be a dowry town of Czech queens and you can visit several historical monuments in the town. For example Šindlerář tower with the bastion and Gothic church of saint John the Babtist that makes the dominant feature of the town. There is an Old town hall from the 16th centrury or the remainders of fortification from the 14th century. Now the main attraction in Dvůr Králové is the ZOO that is the one of the most renowed zoological gardens not only in the Czech Republic but also in the world. During its 60 years long history it expanded to 72 hectares and it is one of the biggest zoological garden in the Czech republic. Dvůr Králové is situated 17 km from Hostinné.

Rozkoš - přírodní koupaliště  Water reservoir Rozkoš

 Water reservoir Rozkoš, with an exaggeration called the Eastern Bohemia sea, is a water work on Rozkoš in Úpa-Metuje board. According to its area it is the eighth biggest water reservoir in the Czech Republic. The water reservoir works as a protection against flood, improving of flowage in the river Elbe, recreation, water sports and commercial use. It makes a protection function for the river Úpa that flows into the river Elbe. Rozkoš is a stop for the birds of passage, there is a possibility of sport fishing. Water reservoir is located 40 km from Hostinné.

Zvičina  Zvičina

 The peak Zvičina with a touristic cottage is one of the interesting objects under the Giant Mountains. It is located 671 m above sea level. In 1925 a observation tower was built next to the cottage. In 1927 the cottage was named after Karel Václav Rais, a native from nearby town Bělohrad. The cottage keeps this name heretofore. According to the latest news there is a effort to open the observation tower again. Ski area Zvičina is open in winter and the lovers of skiing and sledging can use 4 ski slopes, they are suitable even for the smallest skiers. Zvičina is located 15 km from Hostinné.

Ratibořice - Babiččino údolí  Babiččino údolí (The Grandmother´s valley)

 The Grandmother´s valley is the national nature and cultural monument since 1952. The well-known places are connected through a 7,5 km long nature trail with 25 stops and information boards.It leads from Barunka school in Česká Skalice to Rýzemberk arbor. On the route there is a village Ratibořice (part of the town Česká Skalice) with a baroque church built in 1708. In 1800 the castle was rebuilt into a summer residence in Empire style possessed by Kateřina Vilemína Zaháňská. "The duchess" established the vast English castle park. Nearby the castle there are farm buildings where the Pankle family lived and a greenhouse. The route to Ratibořice is 40 km long.




Winter tips

Běžecké lyžování   SkiHostinné Section cross-country skiing originated in late 2003 to implement a project Marking and maintenance of ski trails in Hostinné. You can choose from four well- maintained trails.

Skiareál Mostek  Skiareál Mostek  The ski area is located 2.5 km from the village Mostek towards Hostinné and is located at the entrance to the village Mostek - Debrné. Its profile and the difficulty is suitable for families with children, beginners and for advanced skiers and snowboarders. There is one lift plate carriers with a total length of 320 m and the transport capacity of 480 persons per hour.

Skipark Mladé Buky  Skipark Mladé Buky Skipark Mladé Buky located near the town Trutnov. With a wide track profile area offers skiing opportunities for families with children and skiers looking for a quieter slopes and lifts with no queues. On their own, however, in the park come and snowboarders and freestyl. 

SkiResort Černá hora  Skiareál Černý Důl belongs SkiResort Černá Hora (Montenegro). The area in the Černy Důl has a wide pistes, modern fitted Kidpark for skiing lessons.

Distance from the hotel is 14 km.

 Sněžka Sněžka The most common starting point for a trip Snežka is a picturesque mountain town of Pec pod Sněžkou. The cable car will get you comfortably through the Pink Mountain only in summer. Within half an hour an altitude difference of more than 680 meters. From Sněžka can continue the marked tourist paths towards Meadow hut in Spindleruv Mlyn, Pec pod Sněžkou or upper Mala Upa.

Černá hora SkiResort Černá hora SkiResort Černá hora the ski region of joint tickets with ski resorts in Montenegro - Janské Spa , Černý Důl and Svoboda nad Úpou. It offers visitors a variety of ski runs with a total length of ski trails 19 km, 4 cableways and 20 ski lifts, where every skier or snowboarder finds that "their".

Špindlerův Mlýn Špindlerův Mlýnlies at the confluence of the Elbe and Dolský at an altitude of 710 m above sea level and a population of about 1200 permanent residents. Spindleruv Mlyn is ideal for all kinds of winter sports, hiking, biking and other sports activities.

From hotelgarages to central park you travel 35 km.

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